CS 2K KLARLAKK VOC Speed Plus Pakke 5L+2,5L

2K Klar VOC Speed Plus med herder

  • Artnr: LK-1-151.899-P
  • Enhet: stk

Beskrivelse av artikkelen


This new VOC compliant clear coat is suitable for the coating of individual parts and for all vehicle parts such as front vehicles.


This new 2K Clear VOC Speed Plus clear coat is characterized by a very fast hardening. After 15 minutes at 60°C drying time and subsequent cooling the coating can be polished. Perfect flow properties, a brilliant gloss with a fast drying.
A VOC compliant clear coat with high solid content, suitable for solvent and water- based base coat systems.

This VOC-conform 2K clear coat is perfect for application on small parts and for complete paintwork like full vehicle fronts.

Colour clear coat: Transparent
V.O.C.: 2004/42/IIB(d)(420) < 420 g/l Shelf life: 12 month in closed original container at 20°C
Density clear coat at 20°C: 1.00 - 1.01 g/cm³
Density hardener at 20°C: 1.00 - 1.01 g/cm³ Dry film thickness: 50 - 60 µm
Efficiency: 10 – 12 m²/l

For application on solvent-based or water-based paints. It is strongly recommended to work with the complete system. Drying and adhesion problems cannot be excluded with use of thinning and hardening materials of external systems. Clear coat has to be reworked 2 hours after application at the latest.

Storage and transportation conditions

Protect from freezing, heat, sunlight and moisture. Store tightly closed in a dry, cool place. Recommended storage and transportation temperature range is: +10 to +30°C. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuation. Note: The storage and transportation temperature must be not lower than +5°C. Acclimatize the product to room temperature naturally. 2004/42/IIB (d)(420) < 420: The EU limit value for this product (product category: IB.d) in ready to use form is max. 420 g/litre of VOC.


Allow the product to reach the recommended application temperature naturally (avoid rapid heating/ cooling). It is not recommended to apply the product at a temperature below 18°C. Low application temperature changes the coating‘s properties and may impair the visual effect. Prior to application, the product temperature, spray booth temperature and object temperature should be adjusted to about 20°C.


The before mentioned technical data and information, especially the recommendations for applying and using our products, are based on our current knowledge and experience when applied under normal conditions. In practice, the materials, surfaces or site conditions are so different that no warranty regarding the working results or liability, arising out of any relationship, can be inferred neither from this information nor from a verbal consultation, except we are charged with intent or gross negligence. In this case the user is obliged to prove that he has informed us about all points required for a proper and promising judgement in writing, in time and completely. Patent rights of any third party are to be observed. Furthermore, our general sales and delivery Terms and Conditions and the latest Technical Data Sheet, which should be demanded, apply. Directions for handling and waste disposal are in our Material Safety Data Sheet and the specifications of the Employers Liability Insurance Association for the chemical industry. Copyright VOSSCHEMIE


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